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Letter: Mar-a-Lago search was an outrage

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I'm outraged. The FBI and DOJ have searched former President Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago and he was not even there. Taking boxes from his home and even went through his safe and Melania's closet and searched her clothes pockets. Outrageous.

All Americans should be outraged. This could be you or I. It is like Nazi Germany going into people's homes and taking things away from them.

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John Weiss recently penned a disturbing article about algae mucking up the seven flood-control reservoirs around Rochester, making them much less friendly for recreational users.
What is wrong with the Park Board and the City Council? This is the latest attack on the environment and wildlife and it is the worst. Rather than instituting methods to co-exist with the other living creatures, we will just kill them off, banish them, or poison them with pesticides and herbicides.

This has to stop. All of this because the Democrats do not like President Trump. Ridiculous.

Let's get back to telling the truth in all that we say and being honest in everything that we do.

Be sure to vote Nov. 8.


Alice Atkinson, Lake City

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Once again, the golf community finds itself in the position of justifying our historical golf course (Soldiers Memorial Field Golf Course). It should instead be preserved and maintained as a Rochester city treasure.
My eyes perked up when I read about the city, county, and schools battling the annual budget process. Having served on a city council and dealt with the budget process, it is indeed a difficult task. I won’t pretend to know the problems in being fair and meeting the needs of the people, in a large city, heavily populated county, and a large school district.
I’m writing about the editorial: "Proactive plan to prevent college debt would benefit students."
My world view is based in reality, evidence-based facts shouldn’t be ignored. I was raised by parents who showed me that it was fine to have opinions and beliefs. It was even okay to enjoy made up stories told by others. Just learn which is fact and which is fiction. Because, if your world view is built on fiction, you can be easily fooled and will eventually come to regret it.