As a member of the League of Women Voters and a longtime election judge, I urge citizens to contact their Republican state Senators and ask them to push their colleague, Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer, to accept the $6.6 million election cyber security money from the federal government.

The Department of Homeland Security has urged Minnesota to take immediate action. Minnesota is the only state yet to accept these funds.

On Feb. 21, the Minnesota House passed the full amount in a bipartisan 105-23 vote. On Feb. 28, the Minnesota Senate narrowly passed a meager $1.5 million. Currently, this bill (HF14) languishes in a conference committee, awaiting compromise. But Senate Republicans refuse to attend.

Senate Committee Chairwoman Mary Kiffmeyer told the media that computer hacking is “no big deal.”

I think it will be a “big deal” if voters show up and find their names removed from the rosters, or if election results are delayed or inaccurate due to hacking of our election system.

This is important. This is non-partisan. This needs to be attended to now, while we still have time to prepare.

Amy Caucutt, Rochester

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