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Letter: Motorists need to look out for cyclists and pedestrians

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I am an avid cyclist and walker. This morning’s walk took me to the intersection of West Circle Drive and Second Street Southwest. As I was walking west across West Circle Drive, in broad daylight, with the green light and the walk sign, a driver going east on Second Street was making a left turn onto West Circle Drive.

As she headed straight for me and I realized she wasn’t going to stop, I waved my arms. She slowed and drove past me. As she did, she rolled down her window and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.”

While I appreciate her apology, it was her job to see me. Not seeing someone because you aren’t paying attention is not a good excuse for nearly running someone down.

Pedestrians and cyclists are dying every day due to inattention on the part of drivers.

Here are my five rules of the road:


1. Pay attention!
2. Pay attention!!
3. Pay attention!!!
4. Pay attention!!!!
5. Pay attention!!!!!

Please, please, please pay attention.

Jenniene Rogers, Rochester

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