Letter: Nelson's no-vote on bonding bill raises questions

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I am so disappointed that Senate Republicans blocked state bonding funding for Minnesota at the Capitol. This bill had bipartisan support in the House, and I expected Senate Republicans would vote for it as well.

The bonding bill had money for improvements to the Rochester airport, road safety projects, housing, and other valuable needs for Rochester. Republicans said they won't vote for a bill without tax cuts, but those tax cuts would disproportionately benefit the wealthy.

Sen. Carla Nelson says that she is for jobs, economic development, and bipartisanship. But she can't say that she supports these projects when she didn't even show up to vote for them.

This is not a game, people's lives and livelihood are on the line. I call on Sen. Nelson to let us know why she didn't even vote on this very important bill.

Gale Julius, Rochester

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