Letter: No place for politics of destruction

We’ve got to voice our support for our local individuals trying to improve our lives.

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Axios, an ethical new reporting agency, reported Dec. 3, the account of a meeting held by Republican Senate Minority leader, Mitch McConnell, that there would be no official Republican platform for the 2022 elections. Their singular approach would be to attack Democrats on theirs. Culture wars would replace actual policies. McConnell stated to supporters that any policies the party would take would be determined by the 2024 Republican Presidential nominee (Trump?).

This is outrageous. When a political party has no reason for its existence other than the destruction of the opposing party, what does this say about us as American voters? That we’d rather tear down our institutions than build them up? That we care about destroying any efforts to improve the conditions of regular citizens rather than enthusiastically supporting them?

Wake up, people. We are losing our country to these negative forces. We’ve got to voice our support for our local individuals trying to improve our lives (our schools, our local officials). And we must decry national politics that preach hate and disunity. We deserve better than this. And I urge you to support the honest efforts of those whom we have elected to represent us, to do their job.

Judy Jensen, Rochester

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The U.S. House appears headed to take our country and the global economy into chaos. They refuse to raise the debt ceiling to authorize payment of debts already incurred in exchange for brutal cuts in vital programs across the board (like Social Security and Medicare).
Hang onto your wallets, Minnesotans. The tax and spend Dems are in power. When the Republicans had the majority in the Senate, we generated a surplus and now Walz wants to buy votes by giving some of us a check. That money came from overtaxing us. Such as being one of the few states taxing Social Security benefits. My concern is that we will go down the road taken by bankrupt states like California, New York, Illinois and others run by corrupt liberal politicians.
I see that the World Economic Forum is about to meet again. We can be sure their main determination will be that the USA will have to pay for bailing out several countries around the world. We have several pressing issues at home that require funding, like our southern border and our energy production.
We have a stake in our community when we have a real voice in decisions that affect our lives, whatever our religion, race, or gender. To solve the issues facing our communities, we need everyone’s input at the table. But some politicians try to maintain power by fear mongering and breeding cynicism to limit participation in elections rather than relying on the power of their ideas to win over voters.