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Linda Rockey (for a Jeff Hansel story)

I have been a patient at Mayo Clinic for close to 50 years, traveling from Michigan. I recently retired and moved here to have access to the clinic.

In my many years as a Mayo Clinic patient, I have spent countless hours in the historical unit in the beautiful Plummer Building. Five years ago I donated my collection of Mayo Clinic memorabilia to them. I decided to start collecting Mayo/Rochester items again.

One of my favorite items is a press release photo of President Franklin D. Roosevelt attending a parade honoring the Mayo brothers in 1934. The Mayo family were devoted Democrats. Dr. William Worrell Mayo served as mayor and state senator.

I was excited to read an article stating that influential Democrats were courting Dr. Charlie (my favorite) in 1924 to run for president. I love that the Rochester Daily Post and Record endorsed him. The Rochester Daily Bulletin called him a fearless speaker.

As we know, Dr. Charlie was flattered but for obvious reasons remained at the Mayo Clinic.

We can only wonder what if he had run?

I am proud of what the Mayo family has done for this city and for the world. If only they could see it now they would be so proud.

Linda Rockey


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