Letter: Racism can be found in Democrat-led states

The economy will come back as before, if Blue State politicians will allow the country to get back on track.

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I am a 66-year-old Hispanic male. I would like to address systemic racism in America.

I have seen racism in my lifetime. However, the most racism I have seen has been in Democrat-led states and cities. To tell people for more than 40 years that your life will be better if you vote us in was a bald-faced lie.

The Democrats don’t fear the ballot box because they instill fear that if you vote for anyone else your life will be lost. We now have politicians actually voting to disband police departments, and this will lead to more people of color being hurt and murdered.

This is systemic racism on a grand scale.

Before the pandemic, President Trump had the lowest unemployment rates for Blacks in history. All people of color were benefiting from the fiscal policies of the Trump Administration. It will all come back as before, if Blue State politicians will allow the country to get back on track.


My dad started his own business and lived the American dream in a small Midwestern town. The people in that small town judged us by our honesty and the content of our hearts. There was no systemic racism among those white people, and it makes me nauseous that people push that false narrative.

David J. Gamez, Hastings

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