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Letter: Unkept promises by GOP in 2020

The GOP did not have an official platform in 2020.

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For the record, I have been an independent voter since 1980, since both major parties continue to have credibility issues. That said, reader Don Buck in his letter on Dec. 25 should fact check himself before "calling the kettle black," as it were.

Fact. GOP party platform of 2020 was officially "NO platform," deferring to the daily whims/mood swings of the previous president. Look it up. So-called "policies" that were never resolved, much less addressed during previous administration included the "big, beautiful wall" at the border as promised by Trump/GOP to be"paid by Mexico." Current cost to US taxpayers, 15 billion dollars. Mexico? Zero. Promise kept? Immigration fixed? Doesn't appear to be (still).

Energy independence? Previous administration went out of way to remove regulations for fuel efficiency, etc. Look it up.

Afghanistan departure? Regrettable, yet negotiated by the previous regime. Again, look it up.

Now the GOP wants to restrict the right to vote, among other things, in a "free" society. I know honest, decent people who still believe in true "Republican" ideals; I respect them for that. However, they are a disappearing breed. America will be for the worse without them.


What a difference a year has made indeed. May we learn to "agree to disagree," set aside partisan/tribal differences, and solve our common problems.

Anthony Razidlo, Austin

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A real patriot recognizes that America is a democracy which chooses its leaders with free and fair elections, that his or her preferred candidate will not always win, and would never use or promote violence to attempt to subvert a legitimate election.
Please, don’t let us go down in history as the generation who let our democracy slip away.
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