Letter: Read all about it: Support the library

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Currently, I am in my hammock reading a novel picked up at the Rochester Public Library on Sunday! As a former English teacher, a Rochester Public Library Foundation Board member, and an avid reader, I understand my many layered biases about how amazing our library is. With that said, I do want to encourage you to check out what is happening at the library.

Over the summer, they are open seven days a week, offer programs like reading champions, summer playlist, coming to the table circles, and so much more. Our library is a hub for learning, connection, and growth. From meeting with a social worker to using the online databases, our library serves the many and varied needs of all our community.

In addition to the downtown location, the library sends out the bookmobile, book bike, and helps keep the mini libraries registered so they are easy to find on their website. I’m so grateful for the Rochester Library team as they continue to respond proactively to the ever-changing needs of our community.

I encourage you to get to the library this summer. They are open seven days a week at the request of our community. And for now, I will lose myself in the last few pages of my book.

Julie Brock, Eyota

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