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Letter: Greed was the winner over heron rookery

Balancing our world

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The photo on the front page of the April 26 Post Bulletin of bulldozers toppling blue herons' nesting trees made me incredibly sad.

The Earth is at a tipping point. We have been hearing that a lot lately. But that’s somewhere out in the world. Not in our own backyards. NOT in our own lives. Or is it?

The issue of the blue heron rookery in Rochester township and its potential extinction is a local illustration of the present worldwide dynamic of selfish greed and personal gain verses valuing community and balance in nature.

The judicial system could have brought wisdom and balance to this situation. I question why the restraining order was lifted with lawsuits by neighbors pending.

When selfishness and greed get to dominate, couched in the terms “individual rights,” with the assumption that only the individual matters, that’s not good for the community. Individual freedom must have limits.


If so-called “individual rights” triumph over community as they have with the decades-old blue heron rookery destruction in order to build 10 luxury homes, the future for the human race looks grim.

I wonder if those individuals (even with their $1.4 million) will someday wish they had chosen herons and community over personal gain.

Florence Sandok, Rochester

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