Letter: School board candidates making false claims

School board candidates making false claims

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Kudos to the League of Women Voters and the Rochester Public Library for their Candidate Forum Program. Last week I attended the RPS School Board Candidate Forums and my eyes were really opened. Wow!

There is a slate of candidates (4YourChildren) that is very well-organized and well-funded. However, this slate is absolutely frightening in its beliefs and statements and if elected would do irreparable harm to the students and staff at RPS. Among other things, the three candidates on this slate who spoke made outlandish, unfounded assertions, displayed lack of knowledge of how funding works for public schools, and seemed to espouse teaching techniques and practices from the 19th Century. It is NOT okay for anyone to make false claims about others, but the people from this slate did so to a great extent. If elected, this would normalize spreading lies and vitriol and would be detrimental to all students and staff, as well as to our community.

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Conversely, candidates Nathan, Marvin, Yussuf, Cook and Chief were respectful and used facts and data in their responses.

Facts. Are. Important.

Honesty. Is. Important.


Don’t be misled by the “4YourChildren” slate and their signs. Rochester will NOT be well-served if they are elected. I will be voting on Aug. 9 for Marvin, Nathan, Cook and Workman.

Janine Yanisch, Rochester

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