What could it hurt to try the road diet on Elton Hills Drive?

I look out my front door and can see Elton Hills Drive. I drive it every day and have put a kid on a bus for three years. I can tell you about half the cars would stop for the bus -- the other half (on both sides of the road) would slow down and pass through, even when the stop arm was extended.

It is very sad to see this for three years. We can do better for the kids.

When I ride the bus, I have to run across the road in the morning due to rampant speeding. Something needs to change.

I can remember a few years back when they resurfaced the road; Elton Hills Drive was nice and only people that lived in the neighborhood drove on it. I bet the traffic went to 37th Street and other roads, and nobody heard a big outcry about this at the time.

I also think the road needs a new name to reflect the Native American heritage of our neighborhood.

Philip Taylor, Rochester

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