Letter: Supreme Court is the defender of abortion rights in Minn.

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Referring to the Supreme Court reversal of Roe v Wade's impact on Minnesota, Rep. Tina Liebling said, "If the Legislature were to suddenly be all Republican, if the governor was Republican, we could be Texas in a year."

Rep. Liebling is too good a lawyer not to know that what she's saying isn't true. Rep. Liebling understands that the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled in Doe v Gomez that abortion is legal in the state based on the Minnesota constitution.

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Rep. Liebling knows that a Republican governor and Legislature could not change that on their own at all, much less in a year. To make abortion illegal in Minnesota, the Minnesota Supreme Court would need to overturn Doe v Gomez, and that isn't happening anytime soon, based on the justices on the court.

Another possible avenue is a constitutional amendment, but that would require the Legislature and the voters to approve that. The earliest possible vote on that would be in November 2024.

Rep. Liebling is a politician who should advocate for her political views. She should stick to the truth in doing so.


Anthony Poirier, Rochester

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