Letter: The future belongs to brave poet

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On Feb. 7, we were graced with Isha Kapoor's brave and insightful poem "She Doesn't Ask and I Don't Tell." Kapoor's poem highlights the awkward and painful dance too many people must perform to get along with the controlling majority. Kapoor's poem both cuts to the quick and lays out a path for healing.

Sadly, on the same day, the Post Bulletin ran Michael Barone's polemic against diversity, excoriating universities and colleges for wanting student bodies that reflect the actual makeup of the United States of America, the most diverse nation on the planet. Barone, an old white male of course, is afraid that his people, primarily other white males, aren't getting a fair shake. Barone comes from a privileged background and has a law degree from Yale. His advantages are not to be shared but to be denied to those he deems unworthy.

Thankfully, Barone and his ilk are past their expiration dates. The future belongs to Isha Kapoor.

Rayson Lorrey, Rochester

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