Letter: Time for governments to show fiscal restraint

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My eyes perked up when I read about the city, county, and schools battling the annual budget process. Having served on a city council and dealt with the budget process, it is indeed a difficult task. I won’t pretend to know the problems in being fair and meeting the needs of the people, in a large city, heavily populated county, and a large school district.

However, if there is a need for financial restraint, it is now. Everything we need for our basic daily life has skyrocketed in price. For many there is more month than money. Probably this is true for more people than anyone imagines. As my good friend, Stanley, says,” We are shoveling sand against the tide!” Well, in the cause of honesty, he states it differently, but we must not use such language in the newspaper.

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Inflation and rising costs on everything we need is hurting everyone. But this is not just a “Biden and Pelosi mess,” as some are saying. This is an international problem. England alone has a 10% inflation rate. It is not the fault of a few leaders. Yes, we need to work on the problem, but do it together.
Regarding Molly Work’s Nov. 12 article, “Body scan prices vary at Mayo, OMC,” I felt an important issue was left out of the quoted study and the comments by health providers. Price transparency and negotiation have little effect if the industry is allowed to operate monopolies.

To our elected officials, please think of us sand shovelers, as you deal with 2023 tax levies!

Al Johnsrud, Rochester

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