Letter: Time to replace underperformers?

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If you are a football coach who has chosen what is believed to be the best quarterback, wide-receiver combination for the upcoming season, you would probably have high hopes! These two exciting players are remarkable athletes and have wonderful game-performance records where they have played before. You feel assured that they will continue in their success and bring forth a winning season!

However, as the season progresses, the quarterback keeps missing his passing targets, and making bad decisions when under pressure. The wide receiver has dropped as many passes as he has caught. The team is losing games, and that’s not good for anyone in the team. So, it seems that the coach has to decide between continuing on through the season with the current quarterback/wide receiver combo, or to replace them with younger, high potential players that are sitting on the bench. A decision has to be made because the success of the season is at stake.

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Here’s a thought: What if we apply this example to our current, inherited, long-standing two-party system of governance? Is it time to get those other, younger players off the bench and into the game? Is it time to blend an additional third party into our political system, with the hope of "saving the season" and winning some games. What do you think?

Nick Mezacapa, Rochester

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