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Letter: Volunteer workers are maintaining Silver Lake Park

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It might surprise you to know that East Silver Lake Park has been primarily kept up by the Friends of Silver Lake Park.

I know it’s been difficult to fill jobs, especially seasonal jobs. It’s been difficult to find the money to pay employees, money for equipment, money for lawn care products, etc. We have many parks around town to care for.

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Silver Lake Park is an exceptional park in the middle of Rochester. The Friends of Silver Lake purchased plants, planted and tended the flower beds, they bought a pressure washer and use it to clean the walking trails, they have had their own grass trimmers out to trim, done a lot of mulch and dirt work around the lake.

The boat rental area has been exceedingly problematic on the west side, which they have tended along with the old fire hall on Seventh Street.

The Friends are volunteers — they are not paid or even thanked for their service. Shouldn’t the Park Department take a more active role in keeping our center of the town park usable?


If nothing else, the citizens of Rochester should be aware of their hard work. Thank you, boys.

Sandy Guyse, Rochester

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