Letter: Vote with your stomach in mind

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All people eat, but not all people grow their own food. This simple truth means it’s critical that we support and work for the farmers who feed us.

Being a farmer is rewarding, frustrating, and important, but not always lucrative. We can support those who grow our food by voting people into office who understand our rural issues and will complete legislation meant to bring farmers needed financial incentives.

The last session in St. Paul, there was money left on the table that could have been used in our rural communities. Don’t let that happen again. Instead of playing political games, the senators we elect need to do their jobs and bring acceptable bills to a vote.

I am a farmer who appreciates the many people who work with us so well. I want our elected officials to do the same. This November, please make the time and effort to vote, and vote for someone who understands rural issues, someone you can trust to work for rural citizens and farmers, someone who can be counted on to pass legislation that promotes rural equity and farmer support.

Bonnie Haugen, Canton

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