Letter: Voting rules changes seem out of the mainstream

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This citizen and hopefully other thoughtful Minnesotans should probably know about our voting rules that are getting overhauled. Haven’t heard of any pushback in the mainstream.

Quickly: voter registration being modified, absentee voting being modified, voting instructions required to be multilingual? New regulations on what construes intimidation, deception, and interference. Campaign finance modified, express advocacy definition expanded, the reports required, and more money appropriated.

Automatic voter registration when applying for a driver license … only a problem when non-citizens can apply for a drivers license. Lowering registration age to 16, instilling a permanent absentee list where ballots are automatically sent out. Anything political published within 60 days of an election criminalizes voter intimidation, interference, conspiracy, and false information as determined and defined by the current AG

I don’t think the regular folks of Minnesota would agree with all of this...

Leonard Wood, Zumbrota

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