Letter: We can't afford to wait any longer for Line 3

Pipeline project checks all the boxes

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We are part of The Trust Project.

It’s long overdue for those making decisions in this state to pause and look at the facts. We cannot afford another appeal. Too much time and taxpayer dollars have been used to repeatedly determine that Line 3 is necessary.

If we do not approve Line 3 and get started soon, the people of Minnesota will deserve an explanation about why the most studied pipeline project in our state’s history - that literally checks every box - was stalled at a time when our economy needs it so much.

The Public Utilities Commission has approved this pipeline since the beginning (including the commissioners appointed by Gov. Walz), and even the Obama/Biden administration said that it was needed back in 2016. Shouldn’t we listen to those whose jobs are to make decisions about these things?

Minnesotans continue to stand up together to tell the state, tell the PUC, tell the PCA, and tell Gov. Walz that we need to move forward with this project.

This state needs jobs, and our businesses need to survive. Unless Gov. Walz wants his legacy to be the destruction of the economy throughout the state, he needs to act now. Minnesota needs more than tax hikes and handouts – we need jobs and a real economic boost. We need to build Line 3 now.


Rich Siegert, Bemidji

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