Letter: Were endorsements based on age discrimination?

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I am puzzled by your reasoning in at least two of your endorsements: 2nd District Olmsted County Commissioner and 1st District Congressman.

In both cases you summarize the outstanding accomplishments, abilities, and personal characteristics of the candidates you do NOT pick (and incidentally are older), and then go on to quickly note you “prefer a commissioner who is ascending,” or an individual who has “prospects of working his way up.”

Really? If given the choice between an individual who is currently qualified, and another who will be learning on the job, I know which one I would choose. It seems like your thinking is being clouded by some kind of age discrimination.

If so, you might as well tell all of us retired folk who read your newspaper to butt out of civic life and leave it to those who are still “ascending” and have “prospects for working their way up.”

Amy Caucutt, Rochester

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