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Letter: Will democracy endure?

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Trump stole top secret documents and lied about it. This criminal act involved thousands of stolen records. There were 46 empty folders that had contained classified documents. These are not the actions of a decent sane person. Were the missing papers lost, destroyed, hidden, or sold? Now he vilifies the FBI and DOJ.

On the day of the violent coup attempt, Trump urged the crowd to the Capitol and watched the violent attack on Capitol police on TV for hours without lifting a finger.

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John Weiss recently penned a disturbing article about algae mucking up the seven flood-control reservoirs around Rochester, making them much less friendly for recreational users.
What is wrong with the Park Board and the City Council? This is the latest attack on the environment and wildlife and it is the worst. Rather than instituting methods to co-exist with the other living creatures, we will just kill them off, banish them, or poison them with pesticides and herbicides.

Trump has always seen the rule of law as something to twist and manipulate. For instance, his public attacks on the Mueller investigation and individuals involved along with dangling potential pardons for those who would refuse to testify were clearly obstructions of justice.

By the time of the coup attempt many top government officials were Trump appointees or loyalists. After the Jan. 6 insurrection, the phones of top government officials at the Secret Service, Defense Department, and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement were wiped clean.

But it's more than just Trump. The Republican Party decided that the coup attempt was of no importance. Now they criminalize girls, women and doctors with government-forced birthing laws. They make voting more difficult, ban books, and make second-class citizens out of most everyone except straight white males. Their war on science threatens the future with climate-related catastrophes.


Biden and the Democratic Party will see that truth, freedom for all, and democracy will endure.

Greg Rendahl, Ostrander

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Once again, the golf community finds itself in the position of justifying our historical golf course (Soldiers Memorial Field Golf Course). It should instead be preserved and maintained as a Rochester city treasure.
My eyes perked up when I read about the city, county, and schools battling the annual budget process. Having served on a city council and dealt with the budget process, it is indeed a difficult task. I won’t pretend to know the problems in being fair and meeting the needs of the people, in a large city, heavily populated county, and a large school district.
I’m writing about the editorial: "Proactive plan to prevent college debt would benefit students."
My world view is based in reality, evidence-based facts shouldn’t be ignored. I was raised by parents who showed me that it was fine to have opinions and beliefs. It was even okay to enjoy made up stories told by others. Just learn which is fact and which is fiction. Because, if your world view is built on fiction, you can be easily fooled and will eventually come to regret it.