Losing our heritage for the sake of jobs is shortage

I was recently in a discussion concerning the book "The Monuments Men" and the wonderful role these men performed saving heritage. It also was excitedly reported in the news that one of these men had a Rochester connection.

It seems almost cruel that, at the same time, we once again are discussing the possibility of "disposing of" the last few remnants of Rochester's history (Chardonnay and some very nice homes in Kutzky Park). While I acknowledge there are many properties in this city that do not warrant saving, with the gold mine that Destination Medical Center has suddenly become for developers, combined with a city council that has a history of siding with these developers, it is time to take a long hard look at how we want to become known.

Personally, I find the section, "Looking back in History" very depressing. We have already mowed down most of the jewels in the crown. Let's not be dominated by those who work to convince us of the trickle-down effect, i.e. the rich will create jobs for the poor (read: the developers will provide work). This perspective is extremely shortsighted in so many ways.

Janet Willis


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