Low BioBusiness bidder = …?

Iridescent house + demolition

Here's an item worked up by my energetic competition about the proposed BioBusiness Center:

Andy Brownell KROC-AM NEWS

City officials have identified a new low bidder for the Biobusiness Center project in downtown Rochester. The original low bidder, Knutson Construction , withdrew its proposal because of a $2-million dollar accounting error. Officials say the new low bidder is Adolfson and Peterson Construction, which submitted a base bid or $22.6-million dollars. Staff is expected to recommend two alternates, which would add an eighth floor to the biobusiness center, and another level to the adjacent parking ramp. That would increase the Adolfson and Peterson bid to $24.8-million dollars, beating the next lowest bidder by a half-million dollars. City officials are working to finalize a lease with a major tenant of the facility before asking the City Council to award the construction contract.

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