Mayo Clinic alert: Joe Mauer speaks

Here's a new feature of this blog. I see and hear references to the Mayo Clinic in the media all over the country and internationally. Yesterday's Mayo Clinic alert was that University of Minnesota Football Coach Jerry Kill would be examined at Mayo Clinic in Rochester in an effort to cure or quell the seizures that have stricken him over the past couple of weeks.

Today's Mayo Clinic alert comes from ESPN 1500 radio (based in the Twin Cities) columnist Phil Mackey, who interviewed Joe Mauer. He did a Q and A with Joe Mauer during batting practice at Target Field this afternoon. 

Here's an excerpt of the interview:

When we hear Mayo Clinic we think serious stuff. Were you or the doctors worried it was more than pneumonia?

"That's what Mayo does; they check everything, and that's what they came up with. I trust the doctors and am doing everything they told me to do."


So do you sit there and wonder if it was something more serious?

"You think about a lot of things, but you go down to Mayo and they rule a lot of things out. The thing is, right now I've got to get over this pneumonia, and hopefully I can get over it sooner than later and have a productive offseason."



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