Mayo Clinic +Aviva USA

Mayo Clinic +Aviva USA

It looks like Mayo Clinic Health Solutions has a large, new customer under contract.

Here's some from a press release kicked out today. I'll see if I can get some of this translated by Mayo or Avivia folks:

DES MOINES, Iowa -Aviva USA, part of Aviva plc, the world’s fifth largest insurance group, announced today that it will offer its insurance customers a variety of wellness products and services from Mayo Clinic Health Solutions. These wellness-oriented services are a core feature of Aviva’s new Wellness for Life Program that offers life insurance customers incentives and rewards for leading a healthy lifestyle.

"What is so innovative and exciting about the Wellness for Life Program is that it provides incentives to life insurance customers to lead a healthier lifestyle," said Brian J. Clark, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer for Aviva USA. "For the first time ever, customers have the opportunity to reduce the cost of their life insurance by meeting some wellness-oriented criteria. In addition, the program provides customers with high-quality, consumer-friendly wellness resources from Mayo Clinic Health Solutions."


"We are very excited about entering into this exclusive relationship with Aviva," said Tom Ferraro, Director of Strategic Relations for Mayo Clinic Health Solutions. "Part of Mayo Clinic’s mission is to serve as a reliable source of health and wellness information to as many people as possible. Providing our health resources through the Wellness for Life Program will allow us to reach more people and help them lead healthier lifestyles, a goal that is in everyone’s best interests – the consumer’s, ours, and Aviva’s."

Customers in the Wellness for Life Program are eligible for potential savings in their policy’s cost of insurance simply by having regular physical examinations by a doctor. Additionally, Wellness for Life customers can increase their potential savings by maintaining their body weight within a range established specifically for them at the time they purchase the policy. The amount of potential savings on their cost of insurance will be based on improvement in life expectancies for all participants in the Wellness for Life program. Any savings will be reflected in rate reductions for the customers that meet one or both wellness criteria.


Aviva plans to introduce the Wellness for Life Program to selected customers in the fourth quarter and expand nationally in early 2008, subject to state regulatory approvals.

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