Mayo Clinic College + $15M Fed. grant for tech project

Mayo Clinic cuts 15 contract IT workers

L ooks like Mayo Clinic College of Health recently scored in the national competition for federal grants for health IT.

Here's a description of the program the Health and Human Service Web site as well as the list of the four winners and their projects:

The SHARP Program funds research focused on achieving breakthrough advances to address well-documented problems that have impeded adoption of health IT and accelerating progress towards achieving nationwide meaningful use of health IT in support of a high-performing, continuously-learning health care system.

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology awarded four cooperative agreements totaling $60 million ($15 million each) in April 2010 to four institutions listed below. Each awardee will implement a research program addressing a specific research focus area:

• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (#10510624) - Security of Health Information Technology



• The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (#10510592) - Patient-Centered Cognitive Support

• Harvard University (#10510924)- Healthcare Application and Network Platform Architectures

• Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (#10510949) - Secondary Use of EHR Data

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