Mayo Clinic's new Broadway deal

Mayo Clinic's new Broadway deal

This is an interesting deal, in my opinion anyway.

But first, I do want to thank the eagle-eyed editors at the Post-Bulletin for keeping my from looking sillier than I normally do in print.

Many of you know about my handicap of being born without any sense of direction. Left, right… up, down…east, west. It is all interchangable to me.

This morning I tried to move the entire downtown Mayo Clinic campus to the EAST side of Broadway. Whoops. It least I had Mayo Clinic located in the correct city. That's something, right? Heh.

Thanks to Local News Editor Mike Klein, that was fixed and Mayo now doesn't need to change all of its address labels. Thanks for having my back, Mike.



Mayo Clinicis planning to do something it has very rarely done in Rochester.

It's going to cross Broadway.

 Almost all of Mayo Clinic's downtown campus is on the west side of the main artery of Broadway/U.S. 63.

Now, Mother Ma yo has confirmed that it will stroll east across the crosswalk at Broadway and Historic Third to move into the City Centre commercial complex.

"Mayo Clinic plans to lease approximately 5,000 square feet of the second floor of the City Centre in downtown Rochester, but plans for the space have not been finalized," says Mayo spokeswoman Kelley Luckstein.

Rochester developer Joe Weisbuilt the complex, which is connected to the renovated former C.O. Brownbuilding , in 2008.

Its anchor tenant, accounting and financial services firm RMS McGladrey , immediately moved into a large portion of the third floor.


In 2010, it took just 30 days to turn an empty shell with concrete walls and a sand floor into the sleek pool hall bar called Top Shots! on the street level.

That was followed by the Dittrich & Lawrencelaw firm moving onto the second floor.

A skyway connecting the building to the next-door hotel, now called Rochester City Centre Hotel, opened in late spring of this year.

And now Mayo Clinic is making plans to move into City Centre.

While details have not been worked out, officials expect the 5,000-square-feet of office space will likely be used for administrative support.

Is there a timeline for when Mayo Clinic might move into the space?

"No date has been identified, but could be as soon as this fall," says Mayo Clinic spokesman Bryan Anderson.

And it sounds as if there might be another tenant ready to fill out the forms and file the paperwork for space in Weis' City Centre.


I'll use all of my assets to assess the accuracy of this tip.

Mayo Clinic's new Broadway deal
Mayo Clinic's new Broadway deal

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