Minnesota gets its own GOP straw poll

Minnesota will hold its own Republican presidential straw poll on Oct. 8 as part of the Republican Midwest Leadership Conference . In a press release, Republican Party of Minnesota Chair Tony Sutton said the straw poll will help gauge which candidates are performing well in region.

"The 12 states that make up the Midwest region include several swing states, Minnesota among them, that will play a pivotal role in the 2012 presidential election. Consequently, the Midwest region will have a significant say in who the Republican candidate is that makes President Obama a one-term president," Sutton said.

The straw poll will be held during the closing reception of the conference on Saturday and the results will be announced that evening. It will be interesting to see if Michele Bachmann has an advantage in her home state. Or perhaps there will be a big surprise — like Herman Cain winning the Florida straw poll.

The speakers lined up for the two-day GOP conference include Karl Rove, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Michael Reagan, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven and Jason Lewis.

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