More on Carpetland USA

Here's some from a story by Jeff Hansel about the closing of Carpetland USA that posted about Wednesday . We have more on this in today's print edition.

One day a truck filled with rolls of carpet was out back, the next a sign declared an inventory day and, the third, windows were covered in paper, with a sign on the door saying the business was temporarily closed.

The temporary part was later scribbled out.

To the consternation of customers, Carpetland USA in Rochester is gone and won’t be back.

Customers expressed frustration Wednesday as they recalled various scenarios of down payments lost, floor installations half done and orders never filled.


Joshua Johnson of Rochester had some tile installed in front of his fireplace less than two weeks ago. But the grouting wasn’t done.

"We called them to find out when they were going to install maybe some grout on the tile, and that’s when we found out everything was shut down," Johnson said.

Jim Ryan, attorney for store owner Dennis Donovan, said Carpetland had been struggling financially and lost its lease.

"That was the end of it," he said.

"Bankruptcy is likely to be filed in the next week. Beyond that, I’m not going to know what’s going to happen," Ryan said.

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