More on MDC Sports closing

More on MDC Sports closing

Here's some from my story on MDC Sports in today's edition:

After 23 years, Rochester’s only scuba diving store is sadly hanging up the flippers and air tanks.

Since 1985, Claudia and Jaime "Jim" Campos have taught diving while selling scuba equipment along with sports gear for inline skating, paintball and snowboarding.

"We were at that point where we just couldn't keep going though we wanted to," says Claudia Campos of the decision to close the store. "At some point, you just have to say that is it."


The Campos closed the store at the Miracle Mile Shopping Center this week to prepare for a going out of business sale that starts Thursday. The plan is to sell the stock and then close the doors for good.

"Everybody is taking it hard," she says of her family, the 10 employees and their customers.

Some people might wonder how a store based around scuba diving managed to be successful for so long in a Minnesota city without a natural lake and hundred of miles from any oceans.

"This is more than a retail store. Taking up scuba is a big thing," she says. "They (clients) learn to trust you quickly. We travel with them. A lot of customers come back year after year. They are more than customers, they are our friends."


"Something is going on out there, call it what you will, but something is going on and people aren't spending money," Campos says with a sigh.

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