My take on the Green Bay poop show

PHERSY:I'm a little surprised by Feldy's take on the absolute embarrassment that took place last night at Lambeau Field.

To me, there were two reasons the VIkings lost last night's game. No. 1, Brad Childress. No. 2, Tarvaris Jackson.

Those two guys can ride out of town on the same horse, for all I care.

I thought T-Jack was awful last night. He held the ball too long, and when he did get rid of it, he often made bad decisions.

Chili's playcalling was simply pathetic. He's too conservative, both on offense and defense. He clearly doesn't trust his QB, a guy he hand-picked. Chili is responsible for Jackson, so whenever he screws up, it's on Chili. IF Chili doesn't improve as a coach, this season is going down the toilet in a hurry.


OK, so I guess the good news is if the VIkings start out 0-5 this season, we won't have to deal with Chili and his massive ego any longer.

I thought the one positive was the offensive line. The line was fantastic. Jackson had all day to throw, and I never got the sense that any guy on the line was consistently beaten by his man. Life without McKinnie is A OK! The line deserves a lot of credit for keeping the team in that game.

Of course, this is what it's all about being a Vikings fan. Always a bridesmaid and never a bride, or some other stupid cliche.  Yesterday, I didn't see a loss on the schedule. Today, I can't find a win. Welcome to Minnesota!

Let's just hope Chili comes up with a better game plan for Game 2, though I don't know if it matters with T-Jack running the show.

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