New P-B advisory panel is on board

I'll have a column on the Opinions Page early next week about our new slate of Editorial Advisory Board members, which met for the first time on Wednesday.

We established this board two years ago as a conduit between the P-B and the community. This diverse (unpaid) group offers us input on issues that are of importance to the community and also write columns and comments of their own for publication in the print and online versions of the P-B.

I offer my sincere thanks to the very productive 2010 panel, which just completed its one-year stint on the advisory board, whose members were: Mark Thein, Muhammad Babur, Ray Schmitz, Christine Beech, John Sherwin, Leah Nelson and Horace Clark.

You'll be seeing the work of our new members soon. They are: David Acuoth, Rob Artley, Eunice Biel, Linda Butterfield, Barry Bruss, Abbey Hellickson, C Michael Johnson and Susan Nee. 

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