Newspaper's decision not to use team name motivated by political correctness

So the Post-Bulletin has now joined the PC bandwagon against the term "Redskins." Your own editorial states the percentage of the population who say the name should be changed has jumped from 14 percent to 23 percent. Why? Only because of the drumbeat (pun intended) of the PC police.

That minority wouldn't move anybody in a political election, so why does it so move you? A better argument could be made against the name "Sioux," since that was actually given years ago by other tribes. "Sioux" comes from a word that means snake, which is why the Lakota (Sioux) prefer that title. Where "redskins" comes from is obvious.

If you are going to be consistent, then you better quit referring to "Palestine." That comes from a word referring to the "Philistines" and is a slur to the Israeli's. I'm not a betting man, but I doubt the Post-Bulletin, nor for that matter most of your readers, will be so consistent.

Dave Forman


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