Numbers don't add up for making Rochester a 'destination'

It amazes me on how many people have jumped on board with the idea of Destination Medical Center. Consider some numbers from the 2012 U.S. census.

• Jacksonville, with a population of 827,908, already has a Mayo Clinic branch.

• Baltimore, population 619,493, has Johns Hopkins.

• Cleveland, population 393,806, has the Cleveland Clinic and is already a destination medical center.

• Scottsdale/Phoenix, population 1.6 million, already has a Mayo Clinic branch.


• Rochester has a population of 107,890.

How can anyone think a city this size could become a "destination"? Rochester isn't in the league of the cities that contain the Mayo Clinic's top competitors. Of the 49 other states that would love to have the Mayo Clinic, two of them, Arizona and Florida, already have the Mayo Clinic brand. They have "destination" appeal, large-city infrastructure in place and year-round warm weather.

I appreciate that Mayo is trying to maintain its 140-year connection with Rochester, but let's face facts: It's cheaper to build a new clinic in a big city than to build a big city around a clinic.

I understand the 40,000 jobs that could be lost to the local and state market if this idea fails. I just can't see how this town is the right fit or ready for that kind of expansion.

Travis W. Mueller


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