Obama and the Democrats own the health care fiasco

When conservatives stood their ground on the Affordable Care Act, they were called every derogatory name possible. Liberals passed the health-care bill. Most did not even read it. Republicans were not allowed to be part of the discussion, or their ideas were dismissed. The disconnected president turned over the rule-making to his political aides.

Conservatives fought to stop the bill because they knew years ago what it would do to people's health insurance. They were right.

Even liberals were calling it a train wreck weeks before Oct. 1. But our president didn't know how bad it was.

Our political system is built on cooperation and compromise, not hatred, angst and a goal of destroying American society. But, when the truth is known, even some in the president's party can recognize it and tell him it's ruining their re-election chances.

The anger against Republicans is misplaced. The president is the one who got caught lying to Americans so his legacy bill would pass.


But, it's not his fault, right? Those mean, nasty Republicans that caused this.

Wrong. The ugly truth is that the ACA belongs to the president and Democrats. They own it. Five million people received cancellation notices.

But it's "only" 5 percent, right? Well, wait until the business mandate delay ends! Elections are a year away."

Bruce Atkinson


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