Obsession with global warming will ruin our way of life

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Have you noticed how letters to the editor disputing the global warming scare are immediately answered by area "scientists"? The writer's intelligence is attacked because apparently, we don't know the difference between weather and climate.

The the past decade, the U.N. commissioned world scientists to prove that we were experiencing global warming. When the data came back flawed and meaningless, the global warming theme was changed to "climate change." This, then, blames droughts, floods, hurricanes, snowstorms and tidal waves on the burning of carbon-based fuels like gas, oil and coal.

We have taught our first-graders that polar bears are close to extinction because the polar ice is melting; however, a population count shows a recent 30 percent increase in their population.

We are being forced to abandon economical and reliable fuels that provide us with transportation and electrical power. We cannot expand nuclear power or hydroelectric. That leaves us with wind and solar, which are very expensive and totally unreliable. The EPA has the power to mandate a huge carbon tax anytime it chooses.

Ultimately, first-world societies will join third-world economies. Because of carbon taxes, we will not be able to afford the lifestyle we now enjoy. We better hope that global warming will help keep our winter heating costs low in these northern climates.


Don Buck


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