Reading Center groundbreaking

Sen. David Senjem, left, and Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede walk the grounds of the future site of the Reading Center Dyslexia Institute of Minnesota at 2010 Scott Road N.W. in Rochester.

When Rochester-based The Reading Center hosts its Bright Stars event on Nov. 4 at Quarry Hill Nature Center, it will be time for celebration.

Last month, The Reading Center broke ground on a new, $3.8 million facility in northwest Rochester that will allow more kids who struggle with dyslexia to benefit in more ways from programs offered by the center’s staff.

Reading is the most fundamental skill for every learner. If it is not acquired early, the risk increases that children will turn away from that which proves so difficult. Luckily for students in this region, The Reading Center is ready and able to help.

By the way, the Quarry Hill event, which features author and musician Douglas Wood, is free and open to all ages. Stop in and take look.

Thumbs down on parking policy

Parking is already a problem for many downtown employees, and the upcoming enforcement of parking meter times promises to complicate the daily search for a place to park.

Yes, we understand very well the reason that expiration times on meters will be enforced and vehicle owners will have to move their car at least a block away when time expires. We also understand how the rotation of meter spaces is good for people who want to conduct business or shop downtown.

Still, given all the parking complications downtown at this time, we don’t expect many meter parkers to be happy with the changes — and we can’t blame them.

Thumbs up on Silver Lake Friends

A group of concerned citizens, Silver Lake Friends, has asked the City of Rochester to take a serious look at making improvements to one of the city’s iconic parks.

Silver Lake Park, which was dedicated in 1937, is a center of recreation and relaxation for so many Rochester families. Mayo Clinic visitors also often find peace and solace in the park, or enjoy watching and feeding the honking Canada geese.

We support the Silver Lake Friends’ efforts to call attention to a list of potential projects at the park. Everything on their agenda, including managing goose waste to improving access to the park’s distinctive bridges, is a worthy project. The challenge now for the friends group and the city’s park department is to find the funds to get the work done.

Thumbs down on crow arrival

Early snow, early chill, early crows.

Yes, the crows are back in town already, in case you haven’t noticed them darkening the skies at sunset and roosting in downtown trees. Apparently, they haven’t taken the hint that we don’t want them around.

What’s a city to do? Rochester has tried everything from firecrackers to loud music, laser lights and birds of prey. Nothing so far has worked. Meanwhile, the downtown sidewalks become slippery with you know what. And good luck if you park under the wrong tree.

Think of the crows, like the early snow, as a harbinger of the holiday season. Then again, once the holidays have come and gone, the crows will still be here.

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