First snow

Simon Pierret clears the snow from the sidewalk in northeast Rochester before school Wednesday morning. The Rochester area recieved it's first measurable snowfall today, Wednesday, November 6, 2019. (Ken Klotzbach/

Thumbs up to Give to the Max Day

Give to the Max Day is Thursday in Minnesota, an opportunity for donors to financially support their favorite nonprofit organization or school.

Over the past decade, Minnesota donors have given $170 million to 10,000 organizations and schools on Give to the Max Day. In 2018, $21 million was given to 5,478 nonprofits and schools.

That's not small change, and it speaks to the generosity of Minnesotans. Year after year, they find a cause to support financially, and then give to the max.

We trust our fellow Minnesotans will be as generous as ever on Thursday.

Thumbs down to early winter

We've heard many complaints about an early start to the Christmas season, with decorations already up and holiday-themed commercials on television.

But what we really resent more than an early Christmas is early winter. Wednesday's snow was enough to make us haul our shovels and snowblowers out of storage. Seems like just a week ago we were mowing the lawn for the final time this season.

Now the cold snap is here and we're thinking a little early season mulled wine wouldn't be so bad, after all.

Thumbs up to quick work of deputies

The live-saving measures undertaken by law enforcement officials on a routine basis too often go unnoticed.

That's why it's time to recognize Olmsted County deputies Tracey Pagel and Tom Olson, who are credited with saving the life of a 3-year-old girl who was seriously injured Monday in a two-vehicle crash. The girl was not breathing and did not have a pulse when the deputies arrived at the scene. Pagel promptly started CPR, and by the time the girl was airlifted to Mayo Clinic Hospital-Saint Marys, she had been revived.

This unflinching dedication by public safety personnel happens with regularity, and most of the time it doesn't make headlines. We're happy to recognize these two deputies as representative of their colleagues who have performed similar life-saving acts.

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