Our view: Thumbs up, thumbs down

Thumbs up to the Tweite family

Generations of children have enjoyed the Halloween season at Tweite's Familiy Farm and Fun Park, with its numerous attractions designed to delight kids of all ages.

Now, though, the farm is closing for good. Owners Tom and Colleen Tweite have decided to retire to spend more time with their own daughters and grandchildren.

It is routine for people leaving the farm after an afternoon of fun and games to personally thank the Tweites for providing an opportunity to spend quality family time together.

We add our sincere thanks as well. In their dedication to providing a welcome place for families to have fun, the Tweites embody the best of southeastern Minnesota.

Thumbs down to Twins' playoff sweep

The Minnesota Twins gave baseball fans plenty to cheer about this season -- a record-setting 307 homeruns, or "bombas" as they were renamed, 101 wins, and highlight-worthy defensive plays. 

Unfortunately, there was virtually nothing to cheer about in the post-season, as the Twins were swept out of the American League Divisional Series in three straight games at the hands of the hated New York Yankees.

A tough way to end the season? No doubt. But there are a lot of other teams and fans who would have been thrilled to have their team make the playoffs.

The success of the Twins on the field this season was an unexpected surprise, and, despite the playoff crash, bodes well for the future. Hang in there Twins fans.

Thumbs up to cul-de-sac parking

The Rochester City Council showed flexibility when members voted last week to allow parking options on the 600 cul-de-sacs in the city.

The new even-odd parking ordinance went into effect on Oct. 1, intended primarily to make snow removal easier and safer. But confusion about where, or even if, parking was allowed in cul-de-sacs led to the change approved by the council. Now, even-odd parking will also be the rule in the bulbs of cul-de-sacs. 

It's possible this won't be the last change in the ordinance. As the first snow season with odd-even parking rules in place arrives, city officials might find they have more tinkering to do. 

Their first change, though, indicates a willingness to listen to citizens and make adjustments where necessary.

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