Phersy's random thoughts for the day

PHERSY:Well, it's kind of dead on the Minnesota sports scene today. No Wild last night, the Gophers football team is bad, the Vikings are bad, the Twins are done, the Wolves are going to be bad, and the Gophers hockey team hasn't started playing yet.

So that just leaves high school football and the Minnesota Ice Hawks to talk about.

The Ice Hawks have another big weekend ahead. They host the TC Northern Lights on Saturday then play at the St. Paul Lakers on Sunday.

I think all Ice Hawks fans should unite for Saturday's game. We need to come up with something to show the Northern Lights how little we appreciate their play. Maybe 1,000 people in blond wigs, wearing t-shirts that say Northern Lights on the front and SALLY on the back? Your thoughts Hawks fans? The Nest should really do something. All I know is that if the Lights play that way again this weekend (sticks up, yet unwilling to drop the gloves), it won't fly. You better believe all the big guns will be in the lineup. And really, would it be the time to have Bungee in the stands? He's as tough as anyone, but if the Lights give him a shot to the jaw with a cheap shot high stick, they'll need more than three officials to keep things under control.

Hopefully the Lights wise up and play a little cleaner. Really, they're a solid hockey team. Skill wise, they're right up there with the Owls and Mustangs. But of course, they'll be without one of their best players this weekend (Peckskamp) because he got a DQ last weekend.


OK Hawks fans, I'm interested to hear your suggestions for this weekend!

And as for HS football, Feldy, the games are coming soon. You better have an improved week, or Phersy will take over the lead!

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