Purple Pride!!!!

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PHERSY:Well, since Feldy is probably still trying to recover after a weekend filled with mixed martial arts and tailgating, I'll put in my two cents regarding the Minnesota Vikings performance Sunday in a 24-3 victory over the hapless Atlanta Falcons.

First off, the defense was as good as advertised. We knew the d-line would come to play, but I thought the secondary held its own, too. Marcus McCauley looks like he could be an every-down player soon. Plus, he's from Fresno State, and I'm a Bulldogs fan!

The linebackers were good in run support and pass rushing, but I think they still need to work on dropping back in coverage. Everyone is praising Chad Greenway for his performance, but Alge Crumpler caught several passes when Greenway should have been all over him. But Greenway is a rookie for all intents and purposes, after missing last year with a knee injury. So he's only going to get better.

Everyone knows I'm a HUGE Pat Williams fan, and of course, I spent much of yesterday watching the big fella! To me, he made one of the game's most impressive plays. With Atlanta pinned back against its own goal line, Big Pat was double-teamed. He was essentially tackled, with two guys landing on top of him. But from underneath 650 pounds worth of offensive lineman, Big Pat reached his arm out and tripped a diving Warrick Dunn. I'm telling you, Pat Williams is the key to this defense. He frees up Kevin Williams to do the things he does ... without Big Pat, there's no way Big Kev is as good. And again, that's why I was ecstatic when the Vikings re-signed Big Pat. He deserved it!

The offense was as to be expected, I thought. Minus that rookie running back, they were boring, but they didn't make big mistakes, and that will be the key this season. The defense is going to keep them in every game ... and they'll even score if they need to! If the offense can avoid costly turnovers and take advantage of the chances they're given, this is a team that can finish at .500 or a little better.


Really, the Vikings could start out 4-0. And they need to, because there is a good chance they'll lose the next four games against Chicago, Dallas, Philly and San Diego.

At the very least, yesterday provided hope to Purple nation. Let's enjoy the victory ... even if it was against Joey "I lack that internal clock most quarterbacks have that tells me when the pocket is about to collapse" Harrington.

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