Reader: Zumbrota shooting didn't deserve top of page

Here's a note from a reader who thinks the Zumbrota shooting story didn't belong at the top of the front page Tuesday:

Dear PostBulletin,

I am a big fan of your newspaper!

However, i am disappointed with the stories chosen to be the head stories.

Let's take today for example. Shooting in rochester is the most important thing going on currently?


I do agree, that someone getting shot is a big deal, but it is a common occurrence and I would rather not have

to search through the paper to find all the stories that actually intrest me.

Thank you for your time,


And my response:

Hi, Emily -- thanks for this. Actually, and fortunately, it's pretty unusual that someone's shot and killed in Zumbrota or anywhere in our area -- it wouldn't necessarily be at the top of the front page every time a regional shooting death occurs, but generally speaking it also happened late the night before and it was pretty unclear what happened, so we thought it was still valid at the top.

Thanks for your feedback,




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