Rebecca J. Roe: We must follow media with an informed eye

Rebecca Roe

We are in a political climate that is highly polarized and shifting faster than we have seen in the last few decades of American history. The present administration has declared war with the media.

Free speech and media are the backbone of our democracy. As individuals, we each bear a responsibility to become better critical thinkers and are free to decide or reject, what facts we accept, just as much as we are free to express an opinion.

Now, more than ever, traditional forms of media — print, radio and broadcast journalists — need to pave the highest standards of fact checking and journalistic integrity possible. They have a social and professional obligation to report the hard facts.

I would rather every single American form a strong opinion, instead of remaining indifferent. To turn a blind eye to the issues we are facing nationally and internationally, is dangerous.

Get informed as the media does not deserve to be the scapegoat of the people's biases and the failure of our democracy.


Social media is not hard news. Get educated about journalism versus public relations. Know the differences and check both sides.

We are growing in our divide as a nation, as we all question what is fact and what is fiction. This is a slippery slope to undermine our great democracy and cause further fracture.

Rebecca J. Roe, of Rochester, is a member of the Post Bulletin Community Editorial Advisory Board.

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