Red tape blocks puttting people to work

Many jobs are available now, but government regulations put a halt to most opportunities.

I know of several people who would build new garages, machine sheds and additions, but have to put in new septic systems first, even though there won't be any bathroom in their building. I'm all right with that requirement when you transfer property. There are many seniors who will go to their grave before their project would be done the way the the requirement is now.

We need to have easier and cheaper access to permits, and not a bunch of hoops to jump through and more cooperative people in government.

I'm not a builder, but do renew old barns and sheds, and we still have work.

I am a veteran, concerned about other people having a job. I think 80 percent of contractors are slow or have no work, and that makes other jobs slow.


Let's change these blockages and put electricians, cement people, builders, lumber yards and restaurant employees  back to work, or do you want to pay unemployment, and have soup lines, bankruptcies and people on the street?

Don Broskoff

Pine Island

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