Red Wing officials tried to rectify 'wangsta' day

I am writing this letter to address the recent stories regarding a federal lawsuit against the Red Wing School District because of "Wigger Day" in 2009. While I agree that the actions of some students that day were unacceptable and quite offensive to many at our school, I am very saddened to hear that former student Quera Pruitt has chosen to file a lawsuit against our district and its administration.

The proposed $75,000 judgment against the district would have a hugely negative effect on everyone in the community.

Shortly after the fallout of the day began, Principal Beth Borgen spoke with all of the student council officers about the issue and asked for our help. I can assure you that the administration has done everything in their power since that day to ensure that our school is a safe environment for all. I’m sure that Ms. Pruitt is not the only one who has lost sleep since this day, based on the pain and frustration that I saw Dr. Borgen experiencing during that meeting.

Since that day, our school has improved in many ways due to the fallout caused by the Pruitt family and the Department of Human Rights. These changes have helped our school improve and I believe our administration has handled the situation well. While their actions to prevent that day may have lacked, their leadership during and following that infamous Wednesday impressed me.

Aside from requiring people to change clothes, they had no control over how students dressed for homecoming week. It is unfair to put them through the situation that they have been put in during the last few years.


It is Ms. Pruitt's right to file a lawsuit against our school; I can do nothing to stop her. However, I encourage her to drop all charges against the school that provided her with a high school diploma and will provide us with ours in the near future.

If this suit continues, I hope the people of Red Wing and all the students of Red Wing High School will stand with our school in court.

I sympathize with Dr. Borgen, Superintendent Karsten Anderson and the staff of Red Wing High School who will, without a doubt, feel negative impacts on their lives and jobs in the wake of this suit.

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