Report: Business blog or die

Business blogging is hot. Just look at me, pounding away at this online forum instead of doing my for-print work.

Anyway, here's yet another study on the trend, this one is by Intelliseek and the Edelman public relations firm.

The 22-page printed report is designed to persuade businesses that "blogging is not a passing fad ... but any brand, business or organization that fails to grasp [that] fact may very well be."

Essentially,bloggers have established a new micro-universe of information creation, dissemination and infl uence,a universe that warrants attention,response and consideration,and one where rules don’t follow the accepted norms and practices of the communications and media communities.It ’s time for marketers and stakeholders to engage and participate with their customers instead of just transmitting to them. Edelman and Intelliseek describe this new information paradigm as "organic awareness " or "organic influence."

Whatever is most interesting rises to the top of consciousness in the Blogosphere, regardless (or even in the absence)of any marketing or "push " by the person posting it or creating it.Sometimes,an idea or posting is just so creative,outrageous, insightful or funny that other bloggers share it almost instantaneously,urging each other on with "you gotta check this out!" links and comments that spread the fever and excitement.


The link to the white paper is

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