Ritchie is making voter fraud easier in Minnesota

In response to a recent letter, here are the facts: Voting is a right, a citizen's duty. Accusing a political party of intending to keep legal citizens from voting is absurd.

Let me point out that all voting laws apply to all voters. Registration is the same for everyone.

Now, look at who is complaining. How sad it is that some won't admit that the effort to improve voter integrity does not stop any legal voter from voting, only from voting twice. The public wants voter integrity improved. Protecting our votes from illegal and fraudulent activity is vital to all citizens.

The 2012 Election Day poll results prove that most Americans want elections protected from illegal activity. Seventy-six percent want voter photo ID required, cutting across party lines.

Of the Independents polled, 80 percent want voter ID. A hefty 85 percent (all parties) are greatly concerned about corruption in elections and politics in general.


In the 2012 election, fraud activity was so prevalent that Obama miraculously won 100 percent of the vote in 21 precincts in Cleveland, and 99 percent of the vote where GOP inspectors were illegally removed. Statistically impossible.

Voter fraud is a huge, dangerous problem. We need affective changes, or we will be governed by the corrupt. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is opening a whole new way to cheat.

Stop him.

Grace Patterson


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