Rochester resident compares shoveling ordinance to ancient British tyranny

Here's a note from an anonymous reader following our latest — light — snowfall...

Rochester Minnesota 2012 department of public works. Citations

for Removal of snow from sidewalks. Rochester England 1200s King John

miss-used taxation of the Poor for self gain.

Rochester Minnesota 2012, 15th February 10.20am. Little snow. Less than


24hrs $120 for forced removal of snow after tenant cleaned majority at 8pm

night before. $50 to even challenge. Rochester England 1200s King John

Over taxed, unpopular King - lost most of kingdom - Hated by People!

The citation rule is fair when justifiable, but less than an inch,

majority already cleared, temperatures above 32oF???? Shame.

Where is our Robin Hood Rochester Minnesota. This POWER is a blight on

public rights.

Shame on you King John.... History remembers you.Shame on you


Rochester.... This is dishonesty of the worst kind.

Ashamed Rochesterian

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