Roundabouts on rural roads reduce accidents and save lives

I fail to understand the hysteria generated by the recent addition of roundabouts to some of our roads. Roundabouts are used around the world and allow for continuous flow of traffic unlike stop signs and lights. They are also less costly.

A Maryland study, which followed the accident pattern on five rural roads converted from using two-way stop signs to roundabouts, showed a dramatic decrease in both the frequency and severity of collisions. Fatalities were eliminated after conversion.

If there was a valid argument to be made in Mary Benike's recent letter, it was lost in the barrage of name calling and insults in which she indulged. Yes, roundabouts may be intimidating the first time you have to drive around one, but the fact is that all licensed drivers have an obligation to familiarize themselves with all the rules of the road. If you cannot safely navigate a roundabout, you should not be driving.

Gwen Hogan


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